Far East Power Equipment


Fast East Power Equipment (FEPE), associated with China Huadian Engineering Co. Ltd (CHEC), Far East Power Engineering and Summit Power Equipment,  is a water to wire supplier for hydroelectric project, either new or rehab project.  FEPE has supplied turbine equipment for over 30 projects in North America and Central America over the past 15 year. FEPE also provide engineering service for turbine upgrades and supply the new designed runners (with CFD Modeling) for the rehab project. The recent rehab project was to provide engineering/supply for four low head (14-18 ft) Francis Turbine Runners for St Anthony Hydroelectric Project, Idaho.  The output of the turbine is 30% more than its original rating, In addition, FEPE also provide spare parts for Turbine Runner, Bearings (Babbit or PTFE), Wicket Gates and Pump Impellers. 

Phone #: 208-387-2665
1015 W. Hays, Boise, Idaho, USA